ICT Sourcing

External Service Providers to Effectively Deliver

ICT Sourcing is the use of external service providers to effectively deliver IT enabled business process, application services and infrastructure solutions for business outcomes. Key aspects of ICT Sourcing include:

‘As a Service’: At what point in the stack should I outsource? Do I outsource the delivery and management of my platform (PaaS), or do I outsource the provision and management of my software needs (SaaS), or do I outsource the provision, management and maintenance of my infrastructure (IaaS)?

Strategic Planning: What are the risks and rewards in pursuing an outsourcing strategy vs insourcing?

Service Levels & KPIs: What should we measure and monitor to ensure we are receiving value from outsourcing?

Performance Management: What skills do my staff require in order to effectively manage an outsourcer and what should we do to foster our relationship?

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