Financial Analysis

BRG is dedicated to providing its clients with accurate, timely and meaningful financial information

Our team of professionals are highly experienced in financial management, project lifecycle costing and creation of complex costing models to aid in Executive decision making. BRG specialises in giving meaning and context to the relationships which numbers can portray. We understand that Executives require the reasons behind why the numbers are what they are. The ability to analyse, cross check and consult with other sources is essential when working with complex technology solutions. Below are a few examples of typical financial analysis tasks:

Labour Productivity: What is the cost in loss of productivity due to increased sick leave and what is causing this?

Labour Economics: What are the costs and beneifts for me to employ a contractor workforce vs permanent staff?

Labour Economics: Is it cheaper to outsource the development of my applications project offshore vs onshore?

Infrastructure: What is the projected net benefit in consolidating my data centre footprint and standardising my hosting platform and server technology?

Software: What are the projected licensing and maintenance costs for software supporting the technology to deliver the project’s cash benefits?

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