Case Study 2
SAP R/3 Review
(Federal Government)

Figure 1 – SAP R/3 FI Module


In 2005, the Attorney General’s Department approached BRG to undertake an independant review of the utilisation of SAP R/3 Financials functionality by their staff. The review was to report on current state and outline those functions not being used along with recommendations for their use and associated training costs.

Figure 2 – SAP R/3 Accounts Payable


BRG approached this assignment by following their tried and proven management consulting methodology.

  1. Set the Scene: Establish relationships and stakeholder buy in.
  2. Listen & Document: What is the problem to be confronted? Record and document the problem paying careful attention to understand the requirements and needs of the customer.
  3. Define Target State: Storyboard and workshop with customer on the desired ‘End State’ and what defines success.
  4. Assess the Gap: What information and data is to be collected to better quantify and understand the problem.
  5. Recommendations: Document and present findings to stakeholders inclusive of recommendations and next steps / plan of action.

Figure 3 – SAP R/3 Review Report

What BRG did …

BRG initially set the scene by establishing with senior management the benefits of fully utilising all the relevant Financials functionality of SAP R/3. Once the client could see the benefit of fully harnessing these benefits, we then began to interview and gather data on what components were being used in order to establish the ‘Gap’.

The uptake of functionality for SAP R/3 financials as it related to the Public Sector was then compared against the application. A detailed report highlighting the gap in uptake along with the forecast cost to train and educate their user base was provided. This information was then used to compile a ‘cost benefit analysis’ which clearly demonstrated both the ‘cash’ and ‘productivity’ benefits of fully harnessing the power and functionality of SAP R/3 Financials.