Case Studies

Sector Reporting Model

Summary (2004 ~ 2005)

This assignment required the development of a complex costing methodology and framework to allocate the full cost of Airservices Australia to three dimensional airspace.

See Case Study 1 to learn what BRG did …

SAP R/3 Review

Summary (2005)

The Attorney General’s Department approached BRG to undertake a review of the utilisaiton of SAP R/3 FI functionality post initial implementation.

See Case Study 2 to learn what BRG did …

Integrated Cost Modelling

Summary (2013 ~ 2014)

BRG developed a fully integrated cost model to support the Defence Centralised Processing Program. This model integrated the financial basecase with the project cost model which was then integrated with the financial evaluation model.

See Case Study 3 to learn what BRG did …

Activity Based Costing

Summary (2010)

BRG was tasked to develop a complex financial cost attribution model to allocate the direct costs of the Therapeutic Goods Administration to their key activities in order to better understand the ‘true’ cost of the activity.

See Case Study 4 to learn what BRG did …

Procurement Framework

Summary (2010)

BRG was tasked to investigate and recommend a procurement framework to support the emerging sourcing activities of the Department of Defence.

See Case Study 5 to learn what BRG did …

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